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Local Dealer is the brainchild of J. Paquito, your most fav. taco hustler.
I took my backpack in 2017 and moved my ass to Mexico to feel the vibes, smell the delicious flavours and eat the best food in the world. Arriving in Mexico was love at first sight. What an amazing place this is!! When I came back from my crazy trip through the country of Mexico, I found my partner in Crime, El Jefe Eli. An Israelian nutty professor that became the backbone of the business with me. The start of this journey was already more than 4 years ago and the rest is history. 

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Delivery &

What can I say… For the moments you are too lazy to move your ass to our shop, we make our way to you. Deliveroo is our delivery partner! We understand that you can’t show your face 3 times a week, so that is the reason why we decided to partner with Deliveroo. We want to give you the chance to order your favorite food of all times.

Although you can easily come in on your flipflops and pajamas, we understand that for our close neighbors it’s also nice to get yourself some nice treats and Netflix and chill 😉 So, if you live not to far, place your order and take it home.

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soul food


Art is another way to unite people, touch them and telling stories. Local dealer showcases young Mexican artists that we like and want to promote across borders.

1st collaboration : Ana Paula 

Artist, friend to become and power girl she is. In time I got to know Ana through a mutual Mexican friend that lives here in Amsterdam. I was searching for young Mexican creatives and she came with Ana. We started talking and brainstorming about possible collaborations for the future. Not knowing at that time that a Corona virus would pressure cook a perfect plan to start with. An online gallery showcasing her photos through the local dealer website and through our Instagram as an exhibition.

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Tues – Thur 14.00 – 01.00

Weekend 13.00 – 03.00

Sunday 13.00 till bellies are full
and party is over


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