Bienvenidos! I hope you are getting hungry already while reading this.  

First things first! The picture here says it all; A proud father and a smiling son. Local Dealer became a bigger story than the food we make and the cocktails we serve. It is a family business to be freakin’ proud of.

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tacos &

We experiment with Mexican traditions and create new outcomes.

At first we liked saying; We are hardcore Mexican. Nowadays it’s not something we scream out load anymore, since our world is in motion and nothing is fixed. We love Mexican traditions and we love to elevate it into new outcomes that blows you away.

Our tacos are served on GMO-free heirloom corn tortillas from a tortillaria (tortilla baker) that is dedicated to make the best, just like we do. Everything is made in our own kitchen with fresh local ingredients, original Mexican chilies and spices and daily fresh supplies from the sea and land.

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