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It’s all in the name: Some people judge me by my name, others luckily by my taste of happiness. I will not judge the judger about what they don’t know 😉 Local Dealer makes killer good tacos and silky soft ceviches; Nothing more and definitely nothing less.

It’s all in the name: In Mexico a shop or a commercial space is a ‘local’ and a street seller is an ‘ambulante’, which we translated into dealer.

Your no. 1 taco dealer!

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Local Dealer food Inc. is a true Mexican food experience. What we do, we do best. Not too much and we stay true to our concept. We serve you tacos and ceviche, next to that a few other antojitos (=little cravings) snacks.

Local Dealer Food Inc. is a casual diner. Come as you are and eat till you are fully loaded and satisfied to the bone.

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