Our food and drinks


What can I say… For the moments you are too lazy to move your ass to our shop, we make our way to you. Deliveroo is our delivery partner! We understand that you can’t show your face 3 times a week, so that is the reason why we decided to partner with Deliveroo. We want to give you the chance to order your favorite food of all times.


Although you can easily come in on your flipflops and pajamas, we understand that for our close neighbors it’s also nice to get yourself some nice treats and Netflix and chill 😉 So, if you live not to far, place your order and take it home.



You can argue about where it comes from or even who is better in it. My heart is sold to Mexico and would not trade it to some other country. But I need to be honest about the ceviches we make. We use the Peruvian tradition: clean cut fresh raw fish, simply cured in citrus juice. We made the seasoning and garnishing an art! All parts have the same size and cut.




Where to start and where to end? A dish we all know (we think) but still some much to discover and unknown. We do our best to serve you the real deal: Mexican gourmet style. We work with seasonal product, Mexican ingredients combined with local ingredients. Our Masa comes from Mexico, GMO free corn that are made into delicious fresh tortillas made by our little Mexican princess in Weesp. Around the corner and totally knows what she is doing. We know by experience that you can only be good in a few things, that’s why we have a small menu that we mastered pretty damn good! Try our Carne Asada, Barbacoa Lamb or our Fish Pastor. Be careful that you don’t eat fingers by accident.


Burro is the Spanish word for Donkey. In the first place not something that you would relate to Burritos but it is. The word burrito comes from burro. The origin of burritos is found in the North of Mexico, from there it landed in the States where Mexican immigrants took it. Back in the days Mexican workers brought it to the US.

Local Dealer burros are slightly different to what you might be used to. No rice or too many different ingredients, but a filling that is simply delicious and hardcore Mexican!


(meaning: ‘little cravings’) snacks prepared by all the street vendors that you find on the streets of Mexico. Let me give you one advice: Be careful what you eat, especially with fruits and ice creams or make sure you have toilet around.


The history of margaritas goes back to the time of the prohibition. Wiki will give you the whole story of existence of this delicious drink. Local Dealer makes her own history together with margaritas. My personal favorite is the Spicy Margarita! A crazy delicious infused Tequila with habanero and some herb leaves.