It’s all in the name! LOCAL DEALER FOOD INC.

Because Mexico is a country full of go-getters. The strong women of Mexico do the ‘real’ jobs mainly. Men on the other hand are dealing and wheeling. Waiting on the corner of a street for tourists that they can help to their destination, or dealing in the medicines of the streets, but even more, men go around the streets and beaches with their food stalls and vendors to sell the most delicious street food specialties you can imagine.

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Local Dealer food Inc. is a true Mexican food experience. What we do, we do best. Not too much and we stay true to our concept. We serve you tacos and ceviche, next to that a few other antojitos (=little cravings) snacks.

Local Dealer Food Inc. is a casual diner. Come as you are and eat till you are fully loaded and satisfied to the bone.